The selection of our suppliers

We select our suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers, based on precise parameters:

• the respect of rigorous qualitative standards;

• the ability to respond to requests for quantities, even high ones, of customers and their needs for service in relation to collection and loading time, packaging, processing, etc.;

• maximum fairness in relationships.

Guarantees to our customers

To our customers, operators in the wholesale markets in Italy,
operators specialized in the relationship with the large-scale retail trade and
with the foodservice industry (cruise ship service, canteen management, etc.)
we offer the supplier that offers the best answers to their expectations.

We also guarantee:

• the compliance of the fruit and vegetable product with the defined standards,
thanks to the initial quality control service;

• full compliance with the order as agreed;

• undoubtedly competitive prices thanks to the high volumes handled;

• the utmost attention to the order process,
from the issue of the sales confirmation to the payment;

• full administrative and financial assistance;

• continuous information on the performance of the fruit and vegetable markets:
wholesale and production prices, supply and demand trends and the suggestion
about the most favorable moment for purchase.

We also offer the carrier, who is able to offer the fastest and safest service
at the most competitive rates.

We are at the service of the most qualified operators in the fruit and vegetable sector who aim for a tailor-made,
fast, reliable and convenient service. From an Italian and European market perspective.