An experience rooted in time

We are two brothers Stefano and Vincenzo Lo Casto, with a long experience in the fruit and vegetable sector.

We have a strong family root in the trade of fruits and vegetables. Since the last century our great-grandfather has exported citrus fruits from Palermo to the English and German markets.

In 1992 we started working together and since 2006 we created Lo Casto Ltd, for a more solid growth and a strong business perspective.

Our Business

We have developed the activity of mediation in the areas of fruits and vegetables, building a transparent and synergistic relations between our customers and suppliers:

• on one hand, we put customers in contact with a network of qualified suppliers, to the extent of offering them the best product, from vegetables to citrus fruits, summer fruit to the exotic ones;

• on the other hand, we provide suppliers with the varied and affluent portfolio of customers, with which they begin to build solid and lasting work programs.

The range of products offered is wide. We mainly offer cauliflower, pepper, tomato, orange, lemon, nectarines, peach and mango.

Spain, Morocco, France and Italy are the countries of origin of our products.

Our Organization

We are characterized by a light organization, based on well-defined roles, flexible and highly professionalized.

This, allows us to maintain a good level of competitiveness.

We devote great attention to the financial aspect, in particular to the solvency of the customers, which we select and monitor carefully.

Two commercial operators of consolidated experience and a person in charge of transport and after-sales management are the core of the structure in Italy.

Our organization is completed by a collaborator in Alicante, Spain, who frequently visits suppliers and looks for new ones, another in the French Perpignan market that deals with the strict quality control of fruit and vegetable products that depart and transit from them.

The current needs of operators in fruit and vegetables require a constant effort to find high-quality,
high-performance solutions. This is why we are constantly updating our professional resources.